Does your '6string orchestra' need a better Conductor?

Grab your Guitar

...6string-orchestra, 6string-sword, Axe, Git-Fiddle, Spank-Plank, Funk-Box, Canoe-Paddle?,

Electric Twanging Machine, Weapon-Of-Choice, Chick-Magnet, Wife-Repellant!


Whatever name you give to your 6string sculpted masterpiece, it is a thing of beauty and deserves to be played well!


Upgrade your guitar skills from the comfort of your own home with one-to-one tuition or online via "Skype"

Lessons are customised to your musical tastes. Learn for fun while also challenging yourself.


WoodshED (Practice Tips)

Alternate Picking

Sweep & Economy Picking

Hybrid Picking (Pick + Fingers)



Chords, Scales & Modes, Arpeggios

CAGED system

Beyond the CAGED system

Colour CodED Fretboard Diagrams
Major & Minor Key Harmony

Jazz Harmony

Harmonic Analysis
Ear Training