Guitar and Ukulele EDucation that is customised to your musical goals.

About me:

Hi, I’m Mark. I’m a guitar and ukulele teacher with more than 20 years experience. I began learning to play the electric guitar when I was 15 and have never looked back. I have also spent many years teaching other instruments such as bass guitar, banjo, drums and basic piano keyboard skills. 

I am an experienced music teacher (20 years+). I have studied in both Ireland and the UK with some of the worlds top recording and performing musicians and EDucators.

"I want to be a better guitar player but all I'm learning is endless scales and exercises. What's the point? I want to learn how to use them!"



"I don't understand music theory or all these complicated chord names but I have so many ideas of my own and I just want to create my own music! What do I do?"



"I just want to play the music I enjoy listening to, but I can't work out the guitar parts by ear and I can't play fast enough, yet!"



"I get so fed up with practicing. I keep making mistakes and never seem to improve. Sometimes I feel like giving up completely."




Does any of the above sound familiar?


If your enjoyment and passion for learning the guitar or ukulele is gradually diminishing because

  • you are frustrated with practicing,
  • can't see regular improvement or
  • don't understand many of the concepts you've been taught up to now?

...then you have come to the right place. 


Music is primarily a listening experience;

a language that can be decoded by our ears

and through our guitar we can express our

creativity, energy and emotions.



Whether you have a Rock or Metal heart (RockED), or you're a Funky Soul (FunkED), maybe deep down in your DNA you've got Southern 'Country' Roots (TwangED), you could have the emotional intensity required for the Blues (BluesED) or the brain artistry that thrives on improvisation and creativity (JazzED), with some basic ear-training you can start to play in whatever style you want!



Imagine being able to understand your favourite music just by hearing it,

and instantly have the chords, riffs & licks at your fingertips.

 offers you customised music EDucation on guitar or ukulele that will help you reach your full potential on your instrument. By focusing on your personal music tastes and favourite styles, your learning experience is more enjoyable and the sense of ownership you gain creates that important nudge towards regular improvement.



With one-to-one lessons here in Dublin, Ireland or online lessons through "Skype" you can choose what's best for your needs. I can help bring your passion for music to life using your favourite songs as a vehicle to build your music knowledge both practical and theoretical.



I teach guitar and ukulele to students young and old. Remember, age is just a number - you can learn new skills at any stage in life. Get in touch here.


Learn to free your innate creativity

and play whatever you want to play!

What I teach & how I can help you!


  • Electric guitar styles and techniques.
  • Guitar for beginners/intermediate/advanced players.
  • Ukulele
  • All ages catered for
  • Harmony and theory to a professional level.
  • Jazz Harmony.
  • Harmonic analysis and advanced concepts.
  • Advice & prep. for music college entrance exams.
  • Music grade exams.




I will help you learn in a way that's right for you.